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Lessons & Pricing

3hrs classroom and films only(prep test)not for sure if you know all the rules of the road-1 day only-Parent's, see how much your child really knows before you let them drive alone!

SPECIAL PRICE -----$25.00(must prepay and reserve a spot for this class!)

1st Package---$380.00 plus tax

1.  10 hrs. classroom/Book Training​
2.  6 hrs. of road training/behind the wheel
3.  3 test
4. Take student to get learners permit
5. 10 hrs. watching film on defensive driving
6.  Students save on insurance

Econo Package     $225.00/$250.00 plus tax

1. 3hrs of road training only--------------------------$225.00
2. 3hrs road training/book and classroom----$250.00

2nd Package------$420.00(3mi radius of school--(LIMITED AREA)

1. Everything in 1st package,  Plus
2. Pick students up and drop them off after class

*Classroom instruction (only)=  $150.00 plus tax

1. 10 hrs watching films on defensive driving
2. Book training
3. 3 written test
4. 2 oral test

Driving Rates ONLY
6hrs  of driving----$280 (must provide your own vehicle
to qualify for this speical price)

$480.00 for 8hrs of driving: any hour more of less than 8hrs is 
$75.00 per hour.

$360.00 for 5hrs of driving and 10hrs of films on defensive driving.

**pick up and drop off service may vary depending  on your location($85.00--$125.00)** 

601-982-4188 or 601-503-5350
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N. Jackson area only
South/West Jackson
Outside Jackson City Limits
driving by the hour
pkg. driving 8hrs.
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Take student for road test using company vehicle ($85.00)
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